Welcome to the website for the King's Meadow Development Association Dunbar (KMDAD).

KMDAD is a not-for-profit Limited Company that was established for the benefit of the home owners in the Kings Meadow development in Dunbar.  It followed on from the earlier Kings Meadow Residents' Association (later re-named the Kings Meadow Owners' Association).

KMDAD is a new company formed in 2020.  It responsible to its Members.  Anyone (over 16) who owns or resides in a home in the estate can become a Member.  Members meet once a year at the AGM where they appoint Directors to pursue the aims of the organisation.  Members may also attend other General Meetings (sometimes known as Extraordinary General Meetings) if these are required.  Like any company, full details of these governance arrangements can be found in the Articles of Association of the Company.



This website has copies of the minutes of meetings and other information related to the residents in the estate.  To provide context and background, it includes minutes of the earlier organisations (Kings Meadow Residents' Association and Kings Meadow Owners' Association).

All the information is private to the Members, so  you will need to log in to see it.  If you are a registered member and have forgotten your password, you can click the forgotten password link to get access.  If you live on the estate and would like access (whether or not a Member) please contact Andrea at 37 WP or Malcolm at 10 WR.  We do not provide full details here to avoid junk mail and spurious contacts.


*Note that PDFs that are more than one page long may not be fully visible on phones and other mobile devices.  There should however be fully visible on a desktop computer.


We are Registered in Scotland at 52 Wilson Place, Dunbar, Scotland, EH42 1GG.  Registration Number SC675453.